Patient Testimonials

Here are a few of the comments we have received from past patients. We have built our practice on cutting edge technology coupled with quality patience care. Make sure to contact us to set up an appointment.


“Look forward to Going to the Dentist”

“Doctor Sands and his friendly, professional and FUN staff are the Rock Stars of dentistry!  They ALWAYS make me look forward to going to the dentist!”

-S. Little 


“I Trust Your Staff”

“Dr. Sands, I offer a thank you to you and your staff, for the professional and friendly work you recently did when replacing the crowns on two of my teeth.  I’ve been to many different dentists in my life, some were good and some were not.  I started sometime in the 50s when the drills were powered by a very long belt drive that ran quite slowly and made much vibration and noise as well as heat.  Smoke sometimes drifted out of my mouth as a cavity was being prepared. Much has changed in dental technology and equipment and we all should realize how much nicer a dental visit is before we start to complain or worry.  In addition to the modern equipment available, we also seem to have much better trained dental professionals working in the offices today.  In the past, my dentists did everything from taking x-rays and cleaning to drilling and pulling.  About all they allowed the office helper do was to make appointments and develop images. What a change, now you have well trained people who are trusted to make correct decisions and carry out complicated procedures that result in improving the health of your patients. Glenn, In my experience, your office is the best of them all, number one.  I trust you and your staff to always do the correct things rather than take the easy and quick path.  Thanks!!!”

– Jeff From Cottonwood Heights


“He Had My Complete Satisfaction”

“Going the Extra Mile for a Great Smile If you’re looking for a serious dentist that uses cutting edge dental technology to give you the best possible experience in the chair, look no further. Dr. Sands goes the extra mile and will not settle for less than an optimal outcome for his patients, whether you have a simple cleaning or need further attention for your dental health. I had two veneers that Dr. Sands worked extensively on until he had my complete satisfaction. He and his whole staff work very hard to keep patients happy and healthy. The office environment is beautiful and the staff is very competent.”

-Dr. K from SLC